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Studio Sessions & Classes


studio Sessions & Classes


Within our weekly timetable we have Classes and Open Studio Sessions. Both can be purchased and booked online or via our booking app. Our session packs are applicable to all sessions during the week, excluding Intro Workshops or Courses. Our variation of studio sessions go as such; 

  • Throwing Class - Where a clay tutor is there to guide you and help you expand your technique on the pottery wheel. Students must have completed an Intro to Throwing workshop before attending these classes.

  • Hand Building Class - Also accompanied with a clay tutor to guide and teach you varying techniques of hand building in clay. Beginner students are welcome to come along to a class.

  • Glazing Class - More than just the final touch to finish your work! As glaze development is Mieke's speciality, we really love our glaze classes. Different glazing applications and techniques are taught using all handmade Mas & Miek glazes. (The same used on our pieces) As there is a lot of prep work going into creating and prepping the glazes, students are only able to glaze their work during these sessions.

  • Open Studio Sessions - These sessions can also be bought with any pack, however go for the entirety of the day (7am - 4pm) allowing more advanced students freedom and time for independent working. These sessions are not for Introductory Students.

** PLEASE NOTE : We do not accept beginner students in any Open Studio session or Throwing Classes. Students must complete the prerequisite 'Intro to Throwing' Workshop before joining the studio sessions. Hand Building beginners are welcome in classes.

There are 10 throwing spaces and 10 hand building spaces available per session.

One Off Class - $ 70 

4 Session Pack  - $ 250

Below is the timetable for 2019. This timetable will be changing at the commencement of 2020

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 1.14.13 PM.png

Clay and firings are at an additional cost. Firings are charged per weight at $7 a kilo. Clay may be purchased by the bag from the Clay Bar, onsite at The Ceramic House. We have a full bags (10-12.5Kg) for $20 and half bags for $10. All other tools, glazes and facilities are free to students. 

While The Ceramic House has glazing and firing facilities on-site, we advise booking a multiple class pass if you would like to take home a finished piece. Ceramics is a process oriented craft, and every piece must undergo certain drying times and firing processes to be completed.

Please be aware that 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of booked sessions. 

Unfortunately, due to Workplace Health and Safety Regulations our studio is a strictly ADULTS ONLY workplace. No children under the age of 15 are permitted into classes. We apologise for any inconvenience.