Mas & Miek Ceramic House


Frequently asked q's

Can we take home a finished piece after one session? 

No. Ceramics is a process orientated craft, and as each piece needs to be bisque fired and glaze fired it is not possible to have a finished piece after one 3 hour session. 

The process for each varies, hand building takes a minimum of two sessions to achieve a finished product and on the pottery wheel you will need a minimum of three.

The extra step in the wheel work process allows for one session to throw one or more pots on the wheel with a separate session needed to turn on foot on this work once it is leather hard.

Once an vessel is created it will need to dry on the rack for approx. 10 days. After the piece will be bisque fired to 1020 C. This firing is included to all students for work made in the studio only

The next step is to book in with your bisque fired items for a glaze session to achieve the final product.

All glazes and firing to 1222 C are included but a $7 per kilo of the final product is charged. 

I want to book in with a bunch of friends, how do we do this?

Clay play with friends is always more enjoyable!  However, each person attending a class, will need to create their own individual account on our site, and book in for their own session. To be clear, one individual can not book in for more than one person. Purchasing two classes under

one name allows that person two different sessions, not two spots in one session

Can my buddy and I split a pack of classes between us? 

Unfortunately not. All class packs are designed to be put on an individuals account, and cannot be split up between different people. Each individual must create their own booking profile in which they agree to our terms and conditions.

This is a limitation of our external booking app and cannot be helped.

Can I come have a look at the studio before booking in a class?

Of course! We would love you to! 

Our studio, cafe and shop is open to the public at all times during our opening hours from 6.30am to 9pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday from 8.00am till 4 pm. 

Can I bring children to the studio and book them in for classes?

The Ceramic House is a working studio with inherent site dangers for children as sharp or very hot objects so we have a no children policy in the studio part of the workshop. They are most welcome under supervision in the front coffee shop. The sessions are for 15 years and above. 

Will you call me when my piece is ready?

Unfortunately not. Not only would this be very difficult for us to do with just an inscribed initial at the bottom of the piece but also impossibly time consuming. With our open learning policy, we have many students pass through out studio each week, and we ask that students take

responsibility of their work and collect them after their allocated times. Failure to collect work may result in that work being discarded of. 

How long will you keep my work?

We have very strict ONE MONTH STORAGE POLICY at The Ceramic House. 

Unfortunately it is a must to keep our studio organised, and we will discard work if left uncollected. 

Please note: it is the students responsibility to be aware of storage times and the studio cycle. This includes work at different stages;

Thrown work (waiting to have a foot trimmed)  

Bisque Work (out of the first firing and waiting to be glazed)

Glazed Work (All ready to take home to treasure! Why would you want to wait one second longer?)

Please note: it is the students responsibility to be aware of storage times and the studio cycle.

Do I need to book in a session for paint-a-pot activity?

No, you can turn up any time and the price on the pot includes all paint, materials and a glaze firing. You can leave the pot with us and pick it up two weeks later.

Can I make things at home and bring them in for firing?

Sorry, you can not. Our firing services are included in the session price and is only available for objects made in the in studio sessions. There are however other places that offer this service. 

Can I bring in my own clay?

Sure you can but you must make sure it can withstand firing temperatures of cone 6 or 1222 C. We will need to bring in your packaging of the clay to make sure it will be able to go in our kiln. 

Can I switch between wheel work and hand building?

Sure, we encourage you to try both approaches to this exciting craft.

Can I book a wheel session and share it with my friend(s)?

Sorry, each session is for one individual only.