Mas & Miek Ceramic House

About the Studio

The Ceramic House is a pottery and ceramic studio in Newstead, with classes available Monday-Saturday. Come in for some clay play!

Pottery and ceramic studio

The sole aim of The Ceramic House is to get people involved in clay. Each of us has an innate desire, tracing back to childhood, to dig our hands deep into sticky-icky mud and squish it all about. It's time to get your hands dirty, and this is where we come in.

Whats more, we can take that desire even further and have the most amateur student walking out of The Ceramic House with their new favourite bowl. The Ceramic House is designed for everyone, from never touched clay before to the pro's who need a place to work. Seeing as ceramics is an endless craft, we see endless possibilities from having people of all experience working together in a shared, open space. Not only is The Ceramic House a fully equipped studio for making ceramics, it's also a place to buy ceramics, to read about ceramics or to sit and have a coffee with friends... and talk about ceramics (of course). 

 Image by Kara Hynes

Image by Kara Hynes

The studio Space

Our space is hidden within an old warehouse in gorgeous Newstead. It contains a small boutique selling handmade Mas & Miek Ceramics, a coffee bar, and a large mezzanine area with lounges, library, and sitting tables. Most importantly, we think, it also has a fully equipped ceramic studio.

The Ceramic House holds:

  • 10 x wheels
  • 2 x kilns
  • 2 x large working tables (fitting up to 12 people)
  • clay prep area
  • slab roller
  • a pug-mill for recycling clay
  • glazes
  • tools
  • clay bar in which you can select and purchase a clay that suits your project. 

If you are curious, interested, or just keen for a sticky beak, please know that our space is open to the public at all times. Our guests are always welcome to sit upstairs, grab a coffee at our cafe, and watch the ceramic magic happen. 

Mas & Miek Ceramic Bowls

The ceramic shop

Not only does The Ceramic House contain a fully equiped studio, it's also a shopfront for the Mas & Miek Ceramics that we've been creating for years.

No two pieces are the same. Our work is an experiment in elemental chance, where the slightest change in kiln temperature or atmosphere can splash unexpected patterns or colours across a piece.

Through endless experimenting in firing and glazing, we wish to bring unique hand-made objects back to tables in every home. 

We believe in the importance of cradling our wares in your hands to make a decision about which treasure to take home. 

The entirety of our collection is handmade at The Ceramic House or our Sunshine Coast hinterland studio. 

Mas & Miek Ceramic Bowls

the cafe

If you're looking for a break from the studio, or even just your daily caffeine hit, our coffee bar is open to all.

We'll be stocking Fonzie Abbott coffee, as well as HRVST Juices and some local edibles.

All locally stocked. All Brisbane companies. All delicious.  

Feel free to pop in any time for a drink or a nibble, and recline on a couch or chair to read up on ceramics. We also do takeaway.