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Mieke De Deyne

Mieke studied her Masters in Fine Arts Ceramics at ANU, Canberra. During her studies, Mieke was taught by great artists including Greg Daly and Janet deBoos, who instilled a deep fascination and love for glazing and glaze development.

Mas & Miek was founded in 2010 with her daughter Charlie in their hinterland studio. The pair still create ceramics together under the name in Mas & Miek Ceramic House. The Mas & Miek range of ceramics is utilitarian unpretentious ware with exciting glaze colours and application.

Mas & Miek Ceramics can be viewed and purchased in the Gallery Store within Mas & Miek Ceramic House.

See Mieke & Charlie’s work here:


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Fred Valentine

My work is primarily driven by form and shape much of which is influenced by Japanese style. It seeks to provide a bridge between functionality and attraction, melancholy and joy. It is this contrast of viewing or holding a piece of pottery that is interesting to me. To feel a piece of work that is incredibly delicate despite its bold presentation or the contrary, for me gives far more life to the work and should be welcomed for that.

As a potter I work in small runs of wares. All work is gas fired to stoneware temperatures mostly fired in reduction. I believe it is important to allow the clay to hold just as much visual podium as it is the glaze. I am currently working toward incorporating slipware and trailing into my work allowing more space to be created for ongoing motifs and canvas throughout my work.

See Fred’s Work here:



Claudia del Salvo

Claudia is a local ceramic artist making work out of her Gold Coast Hinterland Studio. Claudia began her studies in 2014 at the Queensland College of Art where she majored in Interdisciplinary Sculpture, she then went on to complete her Masters in Creative Production and Arts Management at QUT.

Through her practice, she explores the conceptual, sculptural and functional potential of clay, developing collections of one-off artworks alongside her a line of tableware and functional objects. In her classes, Claudia likes to emphasize attention to detail whilst still fostering a playful and experimental approach to the making process.

See Claudia’s work here:


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Sofie Neuendorf

I fell in love with pottery after learning to use the wheel as a teenager, and have been producing ceramics since. In 2016 I graduated from QUT with a Bachelors of Fine Arts (Visual Arts), then set up my own ceramic studio, Lunio by Sofie in the Northern Rivers hinterland. My work is a mix of wheel thrown and hand-built and fired in an electric kiln, with the hope to expand into gas and wood-firing in the future.

See Sofie’s work here:




Charlie De Deyne

Charlie has been playing and creating in clay for over 10 years. Learning from the best - her mama. Charlie studied her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Queensland College of Art, graduating in 2011. Although not offered within her degree, Charlie always incorporated ceramics into projects and continued her ceramic practise with her mother and Jackie Gasson on the Sunshine Coast. Charlie and Mieke travelled together to Jingdezhen, China together in 2011 to study ceramics.

Charlie and her mother Mieke started Mas & Miek in 2010 and continue to work together at Mas & Miek Ceramic House creating utilitarian ceramics.

Mas & Miek Ceramics can be viewed and purchased in the Gallery Store within Mas & Miek Ceramic House.

See Charlie & Mieke’s work here:


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Sacha Taylor

Commons makes thoughtful, functional ware. The kind of ware you bring to a table – where bread is broken, thoughts and perspectives shared. Where we nurture and nourish. Where we give and receive.

Commons takes a minimal approach to simple pleasures, to everyday needs. A maker for those of us who welcome slow living objects into our homes. For those who appreciate quiet attention to detail, and quality that will stand the test of time.

Every piece is crafted with this in mind. Commons, in good company.

See Sacha’s Work here:

Instagram: @_commons_

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Katrina Riese

Creating from her home studio in Brisbane, Katrina works exclusively with hand built techniques to create functional pieces as well as sculptural objects. With a particular love of hand built tableware, small batch clay bodies, organic surface texture and the tactile qualities of unglazed ceramics, her work is deeply inspired by a connection to the craft and its ancient origins. Passionate about clay as a medium, Katrina focuses on creating vessels which enhance the simple moments and rituals of daily life.

Within her classes Katrina encourages students to explore their creative capacity while facilitating proper techniques and attention to detail to create well formed pieces. Her work can be found in a number of local restaurants as well as online.

See Katrina’s work here:

@ritule__ /

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Rebecca Han

I started my pottery journey in 2015. I have been doing it for 4 years and I am constantly humbled by how much there is to learn in ceramics. I am pretty certain this is going to be lifelong journey for me and I have special interest in East Asian porcelian ware and satin-matt glazes. I have a habit of pouring a lot of hours into making things only to recycle them back to clay, because I believe in practice, practice, practice. But if you ever want some of them fired to permanence for your own use or for special someone, hit me up! I especially like making mugs and tea sets.

See Rebecca’s work here: