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About the Classes

Book a pottery & ceramic class at Brisbane's newest ceramic studio!

Pottery classes at the ceramic house

The Ceramic House is an open learning space for clay workers of all levels; from those who have not yet experienced the delight of clay, to a wizard on the wheel. Our classes are for everyone. 



Classes can be purchased easily online, and you are welcome to attend classes as it suits you. We use an online booking app which affords you complete freedom to choose when you book in. If you are a new guest to our studio, or not experienced with clay, we will give you a tour of the studio and help get you started on a project. Clay tutors are always in attendance to make sure you’re on the right track, teach you new techniques, and offer inspiration. The studio is divided into two stations to make booking simple: Throwing (on the pottery wheel) and Hand Building.

There are eight throwing spots available per class, as there are eight wheels in the studio. There are 12 hand building spaces available per session. All classes go for 3 hours.

One Class - $ 55

Four Classes - $ 200

Ten Classes - $ 450

Clay and firings are at an additional cost. Firings are charged per weight at $7 a kilo. Clay may be purchased by the bag from the Clay Bar, onsite at The Ceramic House. We have a full bags (10-12.5Kg) for $20 and half bags for $10. All other tools, glazes and facilities are free to students. 

While The Ceramic House has glazing and firing facilities on-site, we advise booking a multiple class pass if you would like to take home a finished piece. Ceramics is a process oriented craft, and every piece must undergo certain drying times and firing processes to be completed.

Please be aware that 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of booked sessions. If not cancelled within this time period, you risk forfeiting the session altogether.

Unfortunately, due to Workplace Health and Safety Regulations our studio is a strictly ADULTS ONLY workplace. No children under the age of 15 are permitted into classes. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

“Can you hold my bowl for me?”

You’ve got a beautiful bowl, but unfortunately not. As we have many students passing through each week, we work our storage areas on strict time cycles. 

 2 weeks Maximum until we will remove from the storage area and recycle that clay. 

We have a clear dating system on each class that uses the pottery wheels at The Ceramic House, your class will be allocated a box and you are able to store your work in one of our air tight boxes for 3 weeks.

BISCUIT FIRED PIECES (just out of the kiln and waiting to be collected for glazing)
As we have many pieces moving through the kiln, we only allow for bisque fired pieces to sit on the shelf for up to ONE MONTH. After this time they will be discarded of. Please know that once biscuit fired, clay cannot be recycled. As this is a natural resource we ask you to not be wasteful. 

CLAIMED BISCUIT FIRED PIECES - (Named and waiting for the next glaze class)
Once out of the kiln, we ask our students to collect their bisque fired pieces, create a pile with their name attached and store their work upstairs until their next glaze class. 

 Throw on some old clothes, find some inspiration, and get ready to get your hands dirty!