Mas & Miek Ceramic House

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Book a pottery & ceramic class at Brisbane's newest ceramic studio!

Pottery classes at the ceramic house

The Ceramic House is an open learning space for clay workers of all levels; from those who have not yet experienced the delight of clay, to a wizard on the wheel. Our studio is for everyone. 


HOW our studio works

Our aim is get as many hands into clay as possible. And although your welcome to come in for a one-off experience, it is not possible to create a finished piece in one sitting. Ceramics is a process orientated craft and every piece must undergo certain drying times and firing processes to be completed.

For a completed hand building piece, you will need a minimum of TWO classes.

1 - Hand Building Class (Introductory)
- two week wait period for drying and firing - 
2 - Glazing Class

For a completed piece on the pottery wheel, you will need a minimum of THREE classes.

1 - Throwing Class (Introductory Workshop if beginning)
2 - Throwing Class (to trim the foot... Don’t worry, we’ll explain on the day)
- two week wait period for drying and firing -
3 - Glazing Class

New to ceramics? Welcome! 

Beginners are more than welcome at The Ceramic House! You have 3 options for starting your clay journey. 

1 - Find your own unique style and check out our 8 Week Hand Building Course - HERE

2 - Want to learn the skill of using the pottery wheel? See our Intro to Throwing Workshops - HERE

3 - For a more casual start, jump into one of our Hand Building Classes.  For more info, look - HERE 

*If you wish to learn to Throw on the Pottery wheel, students must complete an Intro to Throwing Workshop before joining out studio sessions . 

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We have created an app to simplify your booking procedure.

Simply search Mas & Miek Ceramic House, create an account and away you go! We do require online bookings in advance to classes as our sessions fill up.

If you do not wish to download an app, you can use our booking system on our website here. 

Clay and firings are at an additional cost. Firings are charged per weight at $7 a kilo. Clay may be purchased by the bag from the Clay Bar, onsite at The Ceramic House. We have a full bags (10-12.5Kg) for $20 and half bags for $10. All other tools, glazes and facilities are free to students. 

Please be aware that 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of booked sessions. 

Unfortunately, due to Workplace Health and Safety Regulations our studio is a strictly ADULTS ONLY workplace. No children under the age of 15 are permitted into classes. We apologise for any inconvenience.