Mas & Miek Ceramic House
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Book a Pottery & Ceramic Class!

Book a pottery & ceramic class at Brisbane's newest ceramic studio!

We now have a booking app!

You can either download the app on you iPhone or Android or use the online booking timetable below. *If the timetable does not appear at the bottom of the page, please refresh your page. 

please read before booking:

Every person attending a class must have their own account, as the booking app does not allow for class packs to be divided between people. This means you can't purchase two classes for two people, under a single account, you will need to set up another. This is very important, as classes do fill up, and we may not have a seat for you if you book incorrectly.

Before booking, please be informed on how our studio operates first - 

Ceramics is a process oriented craft

Our booking app enables our students freedom to book in whenever they choose. No reoccurring weekly classes and no set curriculum. However, in order to make a completed piece, more than one class will be needed.

For a completed hand building piece, you will need a minimum of TWO classes.

1 - Hand Building Class (Introductory)
- two week wait period for drying and firing - 
2 - Glazing Class

For a completed piece on the pottery wheel, you will need a minimum of THREE classes.

1 - Throwing Class (Introductory)
2 - Throwing Class (to trim the foot... Don’t worry, we’ll explain on the day)
- two week wait period for drying and firing -
3 - Glazing Class

Please feel free to come along for a one-off Introductory class, however be aware you will not be able to take a finished piece home... Unless you buy one from the shop ;)

Clay and Firings:

- Clay and firings are at an additional cost. Firings are charged per weight at $7 a kilo. Clay may be purchased by the bag from the Clay Bar, onsite at The Ceramic House. Full bag (10-12.5kg) is $20 and a half bag is $10.
- All other tools, glazes and facilities are free to students :) 

Other Important Info:

- If the booking app timetable does not appear below, please click refresh. 

- If the 'Join Class' button is unavailable, then that class is full. 

- If you are unable to attend a class, log into your account through the top right corner of the booking timetable below. Click the my schedule tab, and cancel the booking.

- Please note, we have a 24hr minimum cancellation policy, and these must be made through the bookings app (not via phone or email). If cancelled before the 24hr period, your account will be credited with +1 class. Sorry, we do not offer full cash refunds on any classes or workshops. 

- Unfortunately, due to Workplace Health and Safety Regulations our studio is a strictly adults only workplace. No children under the age of 15 are permitted into classes. We apologise for any inconvenience.